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Lorena – Escort in Torino

    Escort in Torino

    LORENA – Escort in Torino

    I am Lorena, your Escort in Torino, waiting for you to spend a romantic night with me. I am your perfect destination if you are in a sad mood. Not only that, but I am a lively girl who believes in making everyone happy. I will take you to dinner, shopping, hang out in pubs or go to park and beaches where you can get peace of mind and share your personal feelings with me quite openly. I will tell you stories of my friends or clients who have gone through bad relationships or bad times and have come out of it. In fact, I have also gone from sour relationship. Later, as we arrive in apartment, I will give you such a gentle love that will heal your emotional wounds completely.

    As a woman, I start with a gentle kiss on your lips, prompt you to remove my clothes, kiss my whole body and finally rock me softly in bed. I assure you that with me, you are going to have the best night of your life. Whether you are married or single, I bet that nobody will love you as passionately in night as I do.

    Not only I am a good lover, but exceptional beautiful too. My friends and even some customers have told my agency that I look far more beautiful than my pics as displayed here. I have shining curly light hair, natural curvy body, long legs and the best one; my tits. I have a natural bust with size 34. They are natural and men love to cup them in their hands, suck them or fondle them.  In-fact, some of my clients spend time just playing my tits.  That’s the magic of my bosom.

    If you want to cheer yourself up after a bad day, then just contact my agency to book an appointment with me and see how I lift your spirits.