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Adriana – Escort Milano

    Escort Milano

    ADRIANA – Escort Milano

    Hello Everyone,

    I am Adriana, a professional East European Escort operating in Milan. I am naturally blond with natural curves, hypnotic hazel eyes and boasts a big natural bust to play with. Likewise, I am a dream come true for men who fantasize about making love to a big breasted woman. Furthermore, I am a real treat for them.

    I bet when I strip down to nothing; your gaze won’t move anywhere else other than my chest. In-fact, you won’t even realize when your hands starts playing with them.

    I like to be treated with passionate kisses, whole body massage and many other foreplay activities that involve your tongue or your hands moving on my soft skin. Finally, when we have done with kissing, I open my legs to welcome you in. I can derive your pleasure through multiple positions, especially KS one to end this love making in a welcome way.

    I assure you that you would love of Escort Milano every moment of spending time with me, whether it is a romantic dinner date or just sleeping together in midnight. My lovely nature will make you forget everything and get lost in my lovely charm for some time.

    Please call me if you desire a hot busty woman to satisfy your lust, as I will satisfy your sexual rage in a way that no woman; not even your girlfriend can satisfy.